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Guides for the giving season

Many families gather this time of year for food, relaxing, and activities (candy and gifts, anyone?).  In our gatherings, conversations may range from the silly to the serious–we recommend some of both.  The participants of your conversations will likely span two or more generations, with various insights and perspectives.  You may even cover some important topics about personal matters that were waiting for “just the right moment” when everyone was together or there was a quiet break for a special one-on-one talk.

Here are a few guides to help families start conversations on various topics of personal, family, and legal importance:

  • AARP Family Caregiving Guide includes topics, checklists, and resources to discuss needs and preferences for caregiving within families and close relationships.
  • Finding Answers from the Special Needs Alliance offers numerous articles in categories such as housing, taxation, and special needs trusts, for individuals with disabilities and their families.
  • Making Your Wishes Known explains the options for health care advance directives in Wisconsin–something every adult should have in place for potential emergency situations.

To discuss planning options for elder law, special needs law, and estate planning, contact the attorneys at Johnson Teigen, LLC.  We would be happy to join your conversation!