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Special Needs Month and Resources from Johnson Teigen, LLC

Johnson Teigen, LLC offers clients and professional colleagues advice, services, and resources related to helping individuals with disabilities and their families.  Here is a sampling of the services we offer:

  • Develop comprehensive estate plans for our clients that incorporate the unique needs of their loved ones with a disability
  • Prepare special needs trusts to suit an individual’s needs and circumstances
  • Counsel clients on planning for a wide variety of assets, including planning appropriately for retirement accounts in light of the SECURE Act
  • Advise clients about Wisconsin pooled and community special needs trusts, like Wispact and Life Navigators
  • Inform families about ABLE accounts, incorporate the use of ABLE into estate planning and trust documents, and counsel fiduciaries on the dynamic uses of ABLE when applicable to an individual beneficiary’s situation
  • Help individuals with powers of attorney or supported decision-making agreements
  • Counsel individuals and families regarding public benefits based on disability, such as Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare
  • Assist clients obtain court-appointed guardians and conservators
  • Advise trustees and fiduciaries who serve individuals with special needs
  • Assist fiduciaries and individuals with post-death estate administration through probate proceedings and trust administration
  • Partner with personal injury attorneys about lawsuit settlements, disability law, and special needs trusts
  • Share information and strategies with financial and legal professionals through in-service and continuing education sessions
  • Work with advocacy and support organizations to provide learning opportunities to the community

The attorneys and staff of Johnson Teigen bring a collaborative approach to our special needs planning, so that each client has a strong team of professional and personal support.

Contact us to explore any of these aspects of special needs planning.