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Iris Christenson and Meghan Teigen to present at City of Madison Retirement Seminar

On August 22, Attorneys Iris Christenson and Meghan Teigen will present “Yours, Mine & Ours: Estate Planning = Planning for Your Lifetime and Your Legacy” at the Madison Senior Center for the City of Madison Retirement Seminar. They will present information anyone who is nearing retirement can benefit from about estate planning from the basics to the advanced. These are just a few of the questions they will answer:

  • What happens if a person doesn’t have a will or power of attorney documents?
  • Does your will or your trust control everything?
  • How can you use a Marital Property Agreement to protect assets?
  • What are common mistakes a person can make when completing a beneficiary form?
  • How can assets be preserved when a spouse or another family member has a disability?

The attorneys of Christenson Johnson promote strong personal, financial, and legal planning in our communities, and we invite you to a seminar or workshop on a variety of topics we present. Watch our News and Events section for announcements or inquire about how we can customize a presentation for your group. Contact us to learn more and to begin planning for what’s next for you and your loved ones.